The Eco-Friendly Resort Outside Barcelona You Need To See To Believe: Mas Salagros in Vallromanes

The Eco-Friendly Resort Outside Barcelona You Need To See To Believe: Mas Salagros in Vallromanes

Mas Salagros Eco Resort
Address: Riera de Vallromanes, s/n, Vallromanes, 08188
Phone: +34 935 65 60 60

Mas Salagros Eco Resort
Catalan Countryside
Views of Costa Brava

What I love most about Mas Salagros Eco Resort- in addition to its tranquil location on the Catalan countryside and the impressive five-star cuisine at its all-organic restaurants- were the incredible ancient baths by AIRE. Located partially underground beneath the resort’s spa are a variety of relaxation baths, all different temperatures, ranging from well below-freezing to very very hot. The bath water has a mystical turquoise hue in the stone-walled, candle lit rooms. Some have jets and others sit placidly; my personal favorite being a large warm pool with a cave-like entry/exit allowing us to swim either indoors or out.

Aire Ancient Baths

The best part of this experience was being outside in the 95F degree water, floating on our backs with the sprinkles of a cool rain storm falling down on us. It was so relaxing, I could have fallen asleep. As we were traveling with my mother on this trip, it was nice for the three of us adults to have time to de-stress in the water. The Eco Resort has a a wonderful children’s program that runs during the hotel’s high season, with lots of activities to keep the younger guests busy and engaged while their parents enjoy some areas of the property, such as the ancient baths, which are off-limits to the little ones.

Underground Ancient Baths

Our room at Mas Salagros was comfortable and rustic with beautifully repurposed wood beds, a connecting office/dressing room, and our own private garden looking out at the pool. It is easy to see that Mas Salagros wants guests to get back to basics and enjoy life’s simplicities. While there are televisions and there is wifi, the premise behind the resort is very obviously to create a place for guests to turn off and retreat.

There are great trails to hike which take you to a magnificent lookout point with views of the Costa Brava.

Only thirty or so minutes from downtown Barcelona, Vallromanes, the small town where Mas Salagros is located, is a nice spot to stay for those who’d like to be outside the city but still close enough to pop in at night for dinner. Spain is notorious for elaborate late-night meals and many restaurants don’t even start serving until 8 PM, with the majority of people eating around 9. On weekends, it is often even later… This can be tricky when you’re jet-lagged (especially with kids in tow) but the food and vibrant atmosphere is well worth adjusting to the Spanish schedule.

Mas Salagros’ Restaurant

Dinner at Mas Salagros’ main restaurant was very good with a creative, international menu. All food was elegantly placed and arranged on crisp white plates, showcasing each individual culinary piece of art. My favorite of the meal was the vegetable risotto, which of course comes full of local, organic vegetables and has so much flavor.


The daily breakfast buffet at the same restaurant was also a hit with our family as there was everything from buttery pastry, fresh from the oven, to hearty salads with an array of different greens and grains. I couldn’t get enough of the crusty multigrain bread with sweet grape tomatoes, olive oil and my favorite, Manchego cheese. I’m suddenly very hungry, just thinking about it now.

When we originally arrived at the resort, we were given a glass of local Cava- and it was phenomenal. I asked the girls at the reception desk where the wine was from and I was told it was from a nearby vineyard which they recommended that we visit, called Alta Alella. While in town, we took a taxi to the winery and were given an exceptional tour- which preceded our hour-and-a-half long tasting. We tried all that Alta Alella has to offer and the kids were even given their own special “wine” (grape juices) to try. Needless to say, we ended up taking a case of Alta Alella’s Cava home with us to the states- along with some Rosé and Shiraz… In fact, it was so good, we will be having more shipped to us soon!

Alta Alella
Egg-Shaped Casks… muy Salvator Dali!
NOTE* That is fresh grape JUICE in the above photo!
Samples of the different soils where the grapes are grown.

Between the tasty and nutritious meals, the quiet atmosphere and those ancient baths—-ahh, those baths— it was the perfect place for our family to “escape” for a moment in time. We spent three nights winding down at Mas Salagros and by the end of our stay, we were rejuvenated and ready for our next adventure.

A traveler since childhood, Juliana has always had a love for exploring. She is a published writer and an accomplished business owner with a background in music and art.
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