5 Great Places To Hear Classical Music In Vienna, Austria

5 Great Places To Hear Classical Music In Vienna, Austria

People come from all over to visit Vienna, a classical music capitol of the world. Once home to some of the most incredible composers of all time, including Mozart, Strauss and Haydn, the city remains an extremely popular travel destination for music lovers everywhere. Because there are so many different opportunities see and hear performances, I’ve put together a list of 5 Great Places to Hear Classical Music when visiting Austria’s capitol.

1). The Wiener Kursalon

Address: Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 5125790

Web: http://www.kursalonwien.at/en

This was our top choice of the different concerts available to us during our recent trip to Vienna. At The Wiener Kursalon, we saw a variety of excellent musicians, opera singers as well as very entertaining (and sometimes comical) ballet dancers, all performing the enchanting music of Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The concert series provides the audience with a fun evening full of captivation, laughs and Viennese charm, all in a gorgeous nineteenth century music hall. The best part? The kids sat still during (most) of the concert and afterwards, they told us they enjoyed it!


2). The Wiener Muskiverein

Address: Musikvereinspl. 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 5058681

Web: https://www.musikverein.at/

The Wiener Muskiverein is Vienna’s largest and most famous concert hall. Home to The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the “Great Hall,” as it’s often called, has exceptional acoustics and is considered one of the best musical venues in the world. Located near the Ringstraße boulevard, the stately building sat right behind our hotel (Hotel Imperial) and is a particularly impressive sight when it is all lit up in the evening.


3). The Wiener Staatsoper

Address: Opernring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 514 44 / 2250, 7880

Web: http://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/

What was once referred to as the Vienna Court Opera, the Wiener Staatsoper is a nineteenth-century opera house that is highly acclaimed internationally. The general consensus here is that, sometimes, there are a couple performances per week that are given rather “half-heartedly” and it’s been advised by local classical music-lovers that you choose a less popular opera, as these usually feature larger stars with more enthusiasm and better chops. It is also suggested that you get tickets as early as possible, as shows often sell out fast and the longer you wait, the more expensive the ticket.

4). The Volksoper

Address: Währinger Straße 7, A-1090 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43/1/514 44-3670

Web: http://www.volksoper.at/

A nice alternative to the Wiener Staatsoper is the less talked about Volksoper performance hall. The Volksoper showcases some extremely talented, though not necessarily widely-known, actors and singers from all over Europe. The venue tends to attract primarily local patrons, as the concert space and performers tend to fly under the radar, which is great for those who are in-the-know. Away from the hustle and bustle of Vienna’s city center, it’s a nice place to go for a calm, inexpensive evening and purchasing tickets in advance isn’t usually necessary.


5). Schoenbrunn Palace

Address:  Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria

Phone:  +43 1 811 13-239

Web: http://www.schoenbrunn.at/

While there are many beautiful buildings in Vienna, The Schoenbrunn Palace is especially beautiful. Over three-hundred years old, it is the city’s number one destination for tourists. Nightly concerts which include the most recognizable music of both and Strauss are held in The Schoenbrunn Orangery, featuring world renowned singers and dancers. Come early for a walk around the palace gardens, or even earlier to tour one of the property’s museums!

A traveler since childhood, Juliana has always had a love for exploring. She is a published writer and an accomplished business owner with a background in music and art.
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