Dining at Mi Casa- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dining at Mi Casa- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The colorful outdoor dining courtyard of Mi Casa, Cabo San Lucas

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Cabo San Lucas, at the furthest southern point of the Baja Peninsula, and the options for dining here are seemingly endless. Whether you’re a purist and want to eat solely Mexican cuisine when south of the border, or if you like to branch out regardless of your location, there are options for everyone, and Mi Casa Cabo, with locations in both Cabo San Lucas and nearby San Jose del Cabo, quickly became one of our favorites.

Whenever we travel, I always make a point of asking locals where they like to eat. We hadn’t even left the airport when Mi Casa had been enthusiastically recommended to us by a gracious porter. We made a reservation for that evening and upon arrival, could see why the place was a hit.   From the outside, the building, located on a relatively quiet but popular street in downtown Cabo San Lucas, is colorful and festive, though appears small and unassuming out front.  Once inside, it initially felt tiny. We gave our name to the hostess and waited briefly in a small corner of the room, filled with dozens of figurines representing Dia de Los Muertos (thanks, Disney’s Coco, for making this more relatable to the kids)! It was very cool and authentic, and felt like we were, in fact, inside someone’s casa. 

View from the outside. Handmade Mexican crafts, dolls and trinkets galore.

And once inside… To the kids, it was a scene from Disney’s ‘Coco’ come to life.
My Mom (Deb) and Ryan, making their way through the restaurant entrance and into the dining area

Moments later, we were escorted toward the dining room. Soon, we were looking through what cannot be described as anything but a magical doorway leading toward a beautiful Mexican fiesta, in a massive room that seemed to go on forever. There were apparently also two more large dining areas, one being a spacious, uncovered outdoor patio. They, too, looked marvelous, however where we sat in the main room left us surrounded by a sea of colorful murals that made us feel as if we’d just been transported into the painting ourselves. 

First came the fish bowl-sized margaritas, which were the perfect balance of strong and sweet. Having spent time in LA, where nearly everything is offered either gluten-free or “skinny,” I smiled when I told the waiter I preferred to my drink “not too sweet” and he offered me the “ess-skinny” version. It was delicious. 

The kids were enamored with the idea of getting a fresh fruit smoothie with their dinner, so Ryan and I obliged. Who could deny them the joy of indulging in local delights like mangoes, papaya and pineapples, even if it was like having dessert with dinner (plus, really, were our margaritas any better?) Everyone was happy, and we hadn’t even eaten yet. 

It was a Mango Margarita for this Señorita (me, not the mini one, of course)

Moments after our drinks arrived, we were presented with a stack of warm and literally hot-off-the-press tortillas- both flour and corn- which were equally melt-in-your-mouth delectable and paired perfectly with our fresh guacamole. And shortly after that, out came our meals. Being the vegetarian that I am, I went with the Chile Relleno and can say with full conviction that it was hands-down, one-hundred percent, the. best. Chile Relleno I’ve had in my whole entire life. In the past when I’ve ordered the dish, it’s often been very heavy on the egg-based batter that coats the chile pepper (and for whatever reason, I don’t enjoy the taste of egg…) however at Mi Casa, I’m not even sure they used egg and it was incredibly flavorful and filled with cheese. The meal gets an A+ in my book and (let it be known) that we returned that week for a second meal and I ordered the same thing. It was just as good the second time around.

My Chile Relleno made of dreams with a Cheese Enchilada on the side (because the more cheese the merrier), rice and beans. Side note- I also love the glassware.
Entree choice of both my carnivorous husband and mother- Carne Asada accompanied by a Chicken Enchilada, guacamole, rice + beans They loved it.

Ryan and my Mom also thoroughly enjoyed their dinner and described their steak dish as “incredibly tender,” which I’ve learned that in the meat-eating world, is a very, very good thing.

The kids kept it simple with Cheese and Bean Quesadillas and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sneak a bite of each of theirs. The quesadillas were simple yet tasty (and made with the same fresh tortillas I mentioned before) and served with the most interesting and (shocker!) delicious Cilantro Mashed Potatoes that I plan on adding to my cooking repertoire at home. We ended the night with a creamy flan that I must also learn to replicate in order to curve the Mexican custard cravings I can see myself having into the foreseeable future.

The view from our seat back toward the entrance of the building
On our way out of the restaurant, we met the woman behind the fresh tortillas and witnessed the magic in the making.
After-dinner smiles and sillies in the Town Square
Looking up

We lucked out having Mi Casa only a short walking distance (and an even easier drive when by car) to our resort, Grand Solmar Land’s End, and it didn’t take long for us to see that this restaurant encompasses all things that both locals and tourists alike look for in a great Cabo San Lucas meal- authentic Cabo cuisine, a gorgeous and colorful Mexican atmosphere, fun live music and decor, and friendly, attentive staff that put the experience icing on the cake. To friends, family and readers looking for a wonderful lunch or dinner when visiting the area, know that everyone from young kids to great-grandparents will be extremely happy with everything about Mi Casa, and I’m sure you will be singing its praises just as I am now. …Provecho!

Dine at Mi Casa

*Cabo San Lucas Location*

Address: Calle Cabo San Lucas s/n, Centro, 23460 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Web: www.micasarestaurantcabo.com

Phone: +52 624 143 1933

*San Jose Del Cabo- Art District Location*

Address:  Distrito de Arte, Alvaro Obregon 19, Gallery District, Centro, 23406 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

Web: https://www.micasarestaurantcabo.com/san-jose-del-cabo-location.html

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