It’s Cabo, Baby! 5 Things We Love About This Baja Peninsula Hot Spot

For us, 2020 began in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was supposed to be the first of many international trips for us this year, but so far, during the corona (ironic, isn’t it?) craziness, it’s been the only one. Fortunately, Cabo is exceptionally family-friendly, easy to get to, and offers a cool change of culture and scenery.

Los Cabos has become one of our favorite Mexican destinations due to the warm weather – and equally warm hospitality from the locals – its gorgeous desert-meets-sea landscape, the endless options of luxurious hacienda-style accommodations and (wait for it…) the FOOD.

Here’s the 4-1-1:

1). The Weather

Because of its tropical desert climate (think LA, but warmer), travelers don’t have to deal with the hella humidity you might find in other parts of the country – on the also popular Mayan Riviera, for instance. It’s usually sunny with an ocean breeze which is perfect for both lounging poolside and exploring the area. Too often, warm-weather destinations can be ideal for swimming but too hot to do anything else before sundown. In Cabo, we’ve always been able to comfortably do either at any hour of the day.

Sunny , scenic and seventy-six degrees
The resort grounds at Grand Solmar Land’s End
A Cabo San Lucas sunset on the beach at Grand Solmar

2). The People

We have yet to meet someone while in Los Cabos that hasn’t been exceptionally friendly. Maybe it’s the margaritas, lifting everyone’s spirits simultaneously, or the great weather and the insanely tasty traditional tacos galore, but everyone, between the locals and other holidaymakers we’ve encountered, has always been very pleasant, with hotel staff and waiters/waitresses demonstrating over-the-top terrific Mexican hospitality.

At The Office on the Beach restaurant, the waitstaff came around with blankets making sure we were warm enough as the sun went down.
This photo was taken by a friendly stranger who saw me snapping a picture of Ryan and the kids, and stopped to offer to take a group shot of our family.

3). The Landscape

The dramatic coastal cliffs of the Baja Peninsula Sur, separating the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez, are simply stunning. The unique topography in Cabo San Lucas and nearby San Jose del Cabo lends itself to a number of vibrantly green golf courses and acres of fertile farmland. In contrast to the deep turquoise blue of the abutting ocean, the colors of Cabo – especially at sunset- are sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

Exploring the grounds of Flora Farms was reminiscent of being in Napa Valley or Palm Springs.
Sunsets of the century from Sunset Mona Lisa‘s Sunset Point Restaurant
Downtown Cabo in the background, and the ocean (not shown) just behind my right shoulder

4). The Hotels

Most recently, we stayed at a fantastic resort on the Pacific side of the peninsula- The Grand Solmar Land’s End. Immaculate and seemingly new, with 8 onsite restaurants, multiple gorgeous infinity pools that appear to drop off into the ocean’s horizon, a kids club, and 246 spacious rooms that overlook its private, beautiful beach — our “grand master suite” with two beds, two baths a full kitchen, became a comfortable home-away-from-home. Even at full capacity, the hotel remains just quiet enough, with ample opportunity for constant relaxation and a nice mix of guests of all ages. An easy walk to downtown yet a private oasis on its own, the location, for us, was also superb. Regardless of your vacation style, there are infinite choices for every type of traveler – From Airbnbs for all party sizes and budgets, to swanky celebrity hotel hideaways.

Grand Solmar Land’s End
Outdoors at the onsite Las Brisas Restaurant
The hotel’s beautiful – and beautifully uncrowded – beach

5). The Food

… And there really is so. much. food… Cabo has been a foodie destination for a while now and with each year, the bar is raised a little higher. There is always a hot new restaurant on the scene, but there are a number of staples that continue to reign supreme. One of our favorites is the authentically local Mi Casa, with a fun, festive atmosphere and classic Cabo cuisine. Other top hot spots include Flora Farms, Maria Jimenez, Los Tres Gallos and Sunset Mona Lisa– the appropriately named location to catch what is arguably the best sunset in town. Whether you are an adventurous eater or more of a “stick to what you know,” type, you’ll inevitably find something you love in this food-forward resort city.

Poolside nachos at our hoteland the kind of nachos that dreams are made of.
… and that guac….
At Mi Casa , they really do make it feel like su casa…

Sipping on Flora a Farmarita
Cheers from Flora Farms!


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