LIVE EVENT: Author Deborah Crombie Virtual Interview w/ Wilsons in Wanderland Book Club

New York Times Best-Selling Author Deborah Crombie Joins Us to Discuss Her Latest Novel, A Bitter Feast

About this Event

The Wilsons in Wanderland Book Club is spending the month of May in the Cotswolds- some of the quaintest and most beautiful towns and villages of the U.K. Thanks to author Deborah Crombie, we’ve been able to embark on both a descriptive- and incredibly suspenseful- journey, and we look forward to discussing her book, A Bitter Feast, with her live!

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Juliana Fraioli Wilson

A traveler since childhood, Juliana Fraioli Wilson has always had a love for exploring. She is a published writer and an accomplished business owner with a background in music and art. Join Juliana, her husband Ryan, and their two kids in Wanderland! Follow along as they share tips, tricks, recipes and reviews from some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.