Cooking in the Cotswolds! Thyme England’s Head Chef, Charlie Hibbert, Shows Us How to Make Soda Bread

Thyme is a unique and upscale countryside community, that’s part of the Southrop Manor Estate, in the Cotswolds, England. Not only does this hotel provide a relaxing escape from life in the city, but also the opportunity to truly connect with nature as well as the fresh ingredients it provides.

The Cookery School at Thyme “showcases (the owners) love of the land,” and guests can participate in classes, demonstrations, tastings, talks, garden tours, and forages around the property’s expansive and sustainable grounds.

Today, head chef Charlie Hibbert is showing us how to make the very same Soda Bread that’s served and enjoyed universally at Thyme’s three restaurants, including the newest addition, Ox Barn.

Eat warm, fresh out of the oven, topped with butter… or however you wish. This hearty bread is delicious no matter how you serve it, and the aroma that’s about to take over your kitchen alone will be amazing.

Are you interested in visiting Thyme in person? Make sure to enter here to win a stay at this extraordinary Cotswolds location! Winner will receive a voucher that’s good for 18 months.


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