Wrapping Up “A Month in India” with Authors Leah Franqui and Alka Joshi- Video Recap

Thanks to authors Leah Franqui and Alka Joshi, we were able to take a month-long (mental) trip to India! Between Leah’s Mother Land and Alka’s The Henna Artist, book club members were lucky enough to get a taste of India’s country, culture and cuisine, all from the comfort of home. And meeting with these two creative and intelligent women, and being able to discuss their novels as well as their own personal experiences living in India, was just the cherry (or should I say cardamom) on top!

Enjoy the video of our discussion below (the first hour features Leah Franqui and the second hour, Alka Joshi)!

Watch Live!

Leah Franqui and Alka Joshi join us to discuss their books!

Posted by Wilsons in Wanderland on Saturday, August 29, 2020


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