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The Wilsons in Wanderland Book Club is THE book club for Travel and Food aficionados looking to explore the world together through the magic of books. With each book we read, we strive to immerse ourselves in the setting of the story, “visiting” a new location every month. We’ll share recipes, hear from local merchants and chefs, and conduct virtual interviews with best-selling authors from around the globe. There are always fun giveaways and the opportunity to make new like-minded, travel and food-loving friends.

Currently Reading: The Last Train to Key West, by Chanel Cleeton

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Got Kids? The Wilsons in Wanderland KIDS! Book Club: For Little Explorers + Junior Chefs is the place to be! In this group, children use their imaginations to travel through stories, to worlds near and far, real and make-believe. There will be travel-related fun facts and ideas shared with the kids, as well as recipes that they can recreate (with their parents!) at home.


Currently Reading: The Secret Lake, by Karen Inglis

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